Get Ready For Spring with an Accelerated Propagation System Kit


Grow Plants from Seed
Accelerated Propagation System Kit

If plant gardening is your thing then you are going to want to get your hands on this Accelerated Propagation System Kit. It has everything a gardener needs to grow plants from seed.

This APS growing kit comes with all the following gardening essentials:

# Two self-watering APS-24 seedstarters
# Two “greenhouse covers” for faster germination
# 9 quarts of Germinating Mix
# 24 wooden seedling markers
# Two water-level indicators
# 2.5 oz of Plant Health Care for Seedlings fertilizer

Plant gardening has never been simpler than with this seed growing kit. It’s easy, relaxing and most of all fun. This is the perfect way for both new and experienced gardeners to get a leg up on spring.

Gardener's Supply Company

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9 Responses to “Get Ready For Spring with an Accelerated Propagation System Kit”

  1. Scotts Soil says:

    This looks great, I’ll have to get one for my garden. A relative of mine grew vegetables with this starter kit, then transferred them into the garden area on her lawn. It worked like charm.

  2. We do need kits nowadays, growing from seeds naturally is very difficult with our degraded environment.Thanks for sharing.

  3. Moin SEO says:

    Hi you given good information I will agree with you..

  4. Interesting kit, however, what sets the germinating mix apart from standard potting soil?

  5. […] longer. it’s not like you have to do a major workout every single day or anything, just keep your body moving and get some good clean fresh air. You will feel better, […]

  6. Hey this a very good news for all gardeners.Awesome kit!This will become an instant hit with so many great features.Thanks a lot.

  7. Thanks for posting! I’m trying to prepare a little area in my garden for plants and seeds but I’m not exactly green fingered. I wonder if I can still get this kit to help me out this spring and summer.

  8. Julian says:

    Looks like a really great kit, everything you would need to get started. May get one myself, thanks for the info!

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