Is that a Carbon Footprint or a Sasquatch Footprint

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carbon footprint

Most consumers do not realize that in their every day lives they actually create or contribute to the creation of a lot of [tag]green house gases[/tag], specifically carbon dioxide, so understanding your carbon footprint is an excellent way to begin making more environmentally sound decisions that in the long run when combined with other peoples efforts will make real change.

Understanding your [tag]carbon footprint[/tag] is a pretty complex issue, one best left to the academics. However thanks to the wonders of the Internet we can use various websites and on line tools to get a pretty good approximation of our carbon footprint, both on the individual and household levels. The best place to start research on your carbon footprint is a good Google search when you have a little extra time on your hands.

Depending on the website or tool that you use for determining your carbon foot print you will need to input information like what make and model of car do you drive, how far do you drive, do you own or rent your home, what are your recreational activities like, and sometimes websites can get as detailed as evaluating your eating choices. After all eating [tag]locally grown food[/tag] contributes a lot less towards your carbon footprint then eating food shipped cross country in refrigerator trucks.

Evaluating your carbon footprint will not only make you more [tag]eco friendly[/tag], but it will also make you a much more informed consumer. A person capable of thinking about their purchasing power on a whole new level.

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    Thanks for the reminder about the importance of being eco-friendly.

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  4. wheretolink says:

    There are not many of us that realize how our carbon footprint effects the eco system, but it is a fact that everything we do has an impact to an extent. The Food I am cooking on the grill is burning coal which creates pollution. The flowers in my garden are turning some of those pollutants into useful products, but I am sure the balance is in favor or pollutions. We all need to aware of our actions and reactions.

  5. accounting degrees online says:

    What bothers me is those commercials that promote energy saving and waste reduction in their products, however most of these companies do very little to reduce their carbon footprint. The amount of pollution caused by packaging and the delivery of such products is terrible. Mass consumption and production i feel will be the end of us.

  6. going green is going good but I hope its not too late of an attempt. I think more big IT companies should consider going paperless

  7. Gips says:

    We do not understand the importance of preserving the ecology of nature, and begin to understand when it is already too late. For at least a substantial effect it is necessary to introduce all the methods of conservation at the level of legislation.

  8. Indeed, the carbon footprint is a very powerful tool to understand the impact of personal behaviour on global warming. Most people are shocked when they see the amount of CO2 their activities create! If you personally want to contribute to stop global warming, the calculation and constant monitoring of your personal carbon footprint is essential.

  9. Environment says:

    Nice information, i hope earth become a better place

  10. Thank you very much for sharing this information. It is very useful. There are not many of us that realize how our carbon footprint effects the eco system, but it is a fact that stock market today everything we do has an impact to an extent.

  11. alexander says:

    Hi there I love your post

  12. Well i did not know about all these things.Thanks a lot.From now onwards i will keep a watch on my carbon footprints.I do try to eat locally grown foods but at times cannot help but have to eat food shipped cross country in refrigerator trucks.Nevertheless,the post has certainly made me more aware.Thanks.

  13. […] Keetsa is constantly reevaluating what they do to find more and more earth friendly products, and new ways to bring us their comfortable, quality products with the least possible impact on our eco systems. They are one of the few companies that are deadly serious about cutting their (and by association ours) carbon footprint. […]

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    Hi there, I enjoyed reading this, and hope to make such a valid contribution soon.

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  18. Understanding carbon footprint is very importent we can all help by using green and organic products in our cleaning, thats wat i use for water damage carpet only organic products and solutions.

  19. I found this article very interesting! I will forward it on and hopefully you will continue this subject.

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    Thank you for the great tip, i bookmark your site

  21. I think i have a friend that would find this very interesting. Keep well and thanks for the info!

  22. Im so jealous of your blog! I can never get mine to function or look like yours. Good work though…Keep it up!

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  24. I think that going green is very important and we should teach our children to do the same.

  25. Thanks a lot for a bunch of good tips. I look forward to reading more on the topic in the future. Keep up the good work! This blog is going to be great resource. Love reading it

  26. We do need to make to make the right decisions with our environment and start going green this New Year.

  27. K Heintz says:

    Ensuring to survive with a home business can be a challenge for everybody!

  28. Big IT companies can contribute their part by saving paper. Even small effective steps taken can have a great impact on the environment.

  29. thanks tor explaining it that way

  30. garden gift says:

    I want to try and be more eco-friendly. I once did a teleresearch job, asking companies about their environmental policies and a lot of them are trying, to be fair. I don’t know what my own carbon footprint is like, I’m terrible with electricity. I don’t own a car or anything but my laptop is on if I’m in the house, whether I’m using it or not.

  31. pam says:

    thanks tor explaining it that way

  32. […] the Prius, have lower emissions, are much less expensive, can be converted to biodiesel, have a far lower carbon footprint to manufacture – and are far nicer to look at and drive […]

  33. […] or not, in producing recycled toilet paper? More importantly, what is the difference in carbon footprint between the […]

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